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    How to import image file of OS


      I was give an .img file of a server......I didn't receive a vm.vfg file at all, I the image was just simply copied from the running_pool on the oracle vm server after it was shut down.  Now...can I import this image into another oracle vm server using vm manager or some commands on the oracle vm server itself?  I was also sent the following information...


      more dns

      # Automatically generated xen config file

      name = "dns"

      memory = "256"

      disk = [ 'file:/OVS/running_pool/dns.img,xvda,w', ]

      vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3e:2a:4d:73, bridge=xenbr0', ]

      vfb = ["type=vnc,vncunused=1"]

      uuid = "4f91b207-a6a5-5bec-9ada-d60cc9254ce5"



      on_reboot   = 'restart'

      on_crash    = 'restart'



      This was generated on the original oracle vm server....should I edit that to reflect the uuid of the new oracle vm server and can I create my own vm.cfg file?  The server where this image come from does not have oracle vm manager controlling it, the admin has simply been using the oracle vm server interface itself to mount the domains..is there a way to generate a template from just the oracle vm server and not using the manager?

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          I would change the name if the image file to something meaningful and simply copy the image file to the storage repository /OVS/Repositories/[YOUR Repo]/VirtualDisks and then simply rescan the storage repo. That should "import" the new image to your repo and make it available for use.


          The information shown about the VM indicates that the boot loader is pygrub - that would make this guest a PVM one, so you could simply create a new PVM in OVMM and choose the just imported vdisk as its first disk. The info for this guest also suggests that it's MAC-Address is 00:16:3e:2a:4d:73, so you will need to adjust the settings inside the guest once it is running on you new OVMs.