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    Booting a guest from cd/iso


      I have 2 questions here...


      I have oracle vm server 2 running, there is no oracle vm manager set up. I installed oracle vm manager 2.2, however I am unable to add my vm server to it, it keeps saying my utility username/password is incorrect, I'm using the root username and password.  I read somewhere that ovm uses ssh to connect to the vm server, so I made sure root has permission and also made sure it's running on the default port.  However I still can't connect, I have also tried ovs-agent and the agent password, which won't work.


      My 2nd question is, how can I boot one of the guest vm's from an iso or cd?  I want to run a rescue cd on one of the vm's....how would I do this in command line...I have the iso copied upto the repository.