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    Reading Advance Queuing with XMLType payload and JDBC Driver character encoding




      I've got a problem retrieving the message from the queue with XMLType payload in Java.

      It was working fine in 10g database but after the switch to 11g it returns corrupted string instead of real XML message. Database NLS_LANG setting is AL32UTF8

      It is said that JDBC driver should deal with that automatically but it obviously don't in this case. When I dequeue the message using database functionality (DBMS_AQ package) it looks fine but not when using JDBC driver so Ithink it is character encoding issue or so. The message itself is enqueued by the database and supposed to be retrieved by dedicated EJB.


      Driver file used: ojdbc6.jar

      Additional libraries: aqapi.jar, xdb.jar

      All file taken from 11g database installation.


      What shoul dI do to get the xml message correctly?