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    Certification of OHS with JRockit

    Prateek Mohan

      Dear All,


      We have FMW installed [incl. WLS 10.3.4 and release of SOA+UCM+OID+ODSM & OHS(webtier)].

      We were using JRockit® R28.1.1-14-139783-1.6.0_22-20101206-0241-linux-x86_64, compiled mode) with above.


      We are planning an upgrade to FMW release or


      Looking at certification matrix, it seems that OHS (latest release) is not supported at all on JRockit at all for 64-bit Linux Platforms.

      And I always thought JRockit is the recommended JVM for Weblogic based production environments!


      Can someone please re-confirm that I am correct in my understanding of the certification matrix?