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    Re: Last 12 Months Rolling

    Bhargav K

      Dear All,


      I am using OBIEE 11g, Can any one help me pls..


      i have two prompts like Year and Monthname..

      For example: User selects 2013 June

      report has to display last 12 months from selected month, that i achieved using supporter report. (ref:: Last N months(Rolling months) data By year-month prompt in OBIEE | OBIEE by Shiva Molabanti)


      But here i have to allow user to select multiple months from the prompt.

      if user selects 2013 April,May,June here i need to take the maximum month in our case it is June.

      From june to last 12 months i need to display..

      how can i do this..give me an idea pls




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          Hi Bhar,


          You are correct in your use of a "supporter report" You just have to use 2 columns in the supporter report.


          Structure your supporter report in this way:


          2 columns:

          Col1 = Max(Month)

          Col2 = Timestampadd(SQL_TSI_MONTH, -11, MAX(MONTH))


          Filter: Month = user prompted month(s)

          year = User prompted year


          Then in your final report, your filter is based on both column #1 of your supporter report, AND column #2 of your supporter report like so:


          Month <= Col1 of supporter report


          Month > Col2 of supporter report.



          Understand that this logic wont not work if the user selects wildly different months. ( 3 months from different decades )


          have fun, please mark as helpful if this gets you on the right track. Otherwise post and I will try to clarify.