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    RMAN Backup to tape using Oracle Secure Backup


      I am trying to take 11g R2 ( database backup using RMAN. I am using Oracle Secure Backup for configuring virtual tape library and virtual tape drive.


      Whenever, I am running the RMAN backup script it simply hangs. While checking the backup job status from Oracle Secure Backup web interface, the job status are displaying 'pending resource availability'.


      On, furthur investigating the job, the following error message are displayed,


      " Dispatching job to run on oradb. Drive or volume on which mount attempted is unusable".


      Library and Tape Creation:


      mkdev -t library -o -S 4 -a oradb:/vlib -v vlib

      mkdev -t tape -o -a ora11:/vt -v -l vlib -d 1 vt


      Not able to fix this error. Need help


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          Asif Muhammad



          Please see some answered threads for the same issue:



          Check if it helps!

          Best Regards,

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            Looking at those attach points I'd say this isn't a proper setup. Do you have an actual tape unit or certified virtual library? It looks to me like you've setup some kind of fake VTL which won't be supported by OSB.





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              Hi Rich,


              I am testing RMAN backup to tape. I do not have any tape unit. Trying to test the backup via virtual library and tape drive using OSB.

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                Sorry that isn't a supported configuration.





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                  That's not an Oracle document and it is 6 years old. OSB does not provide a virtual library. There are some free/opensource ones but they are not supported either so I can't comment on if they work or not.





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                    There is a VTL: http://mhvtl-linux-virtual-tape-library-community-forums.966029.n3.nabble.com/

                      really work well with OSB 64bit, the version of it, fully tested by me , is 1.2


                    The installation guide of it here:




                    mh virtual tape & library system.



                    Instructions assume reader is familiar with the kernel build process.


                    There are two sections of code to build.

                    - The kernel module

                    - The user-space daemons.


                    Kernel module mhvtl:


                    1) Make sure the kernel-devel package to match your running kernel is installed.


                    RedHat AS 4 & 5:

                    # rpm -qa|grep kernel







                    SLES 9 & 10:

                    # rpm -qa|grep kernel



                    2) Extract the mhvtl source code.

                    # tar xvfz mhvtl-2012-04-04.tgz


                    3) Change directory into the kernel driver source.

                    # cd mhvtl-1.2/kernel/

                    # make

                    # make install



                    User space daemons:


                    Pre-req for a running mhvtl

                    - sg3_utils (http://sg.danny.cz/sg/sg3_utils.html)


                    Pre-req to build/compile userspace:

                    - zlib-devel


                    * To build an RPM


                    cp mhvtl-YYYY-MM-DD.tar.gz /usr/src/packages/SOURCE/

                    cd /usr/src/packages/SOURCE

                    rpmbuild -tb mhvtl-YYYY-MM-DD.tar.gz

                    <wait for rpm build to complete>

                    rpm -Uvh /usr/src/packages/RPMS/<cpu type>/mhvtl-1.2-z.<cpu type>.rpm

                    (The rpm install will create system group & accounts vtl)

                    - Note: For RedHat, replace 'packages' with 'redhat'


                    * To build from tar archive (Debian / Ubuntu):


                    apt-get install lsscsi

                    apt-get install sg3_utils


                    To limit damage that may occur by wayward daemons, I highly recommend creating

                    a group and user called 'vtl'

                    # /usr/sbin/groupadd --system vtl

                    # /usr/sbin/useradd --system -c "Vitrual Tape Library" -d /opt/vtl -g vtl -m vtl


                    Now build user space daemons:

                    From the parent directory where you extracted the source.

                    # cd mhvtl-1.2


                    Build the binaries

                    # make


                    Install the rc script into /etc/init.d/ and binaries to /usr/local/bin/

                    # make install


                    Start daemons:

                    /etc/init.d/mhvtl start



                    Note: Make sure the 'mtx' & 'lsscsi' utilities are installed

                    The virtual devices are attached to HBA #5 in this example.


                    # lsscsi -g

                    [0:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      WDC WD1200BEVS-0 02.0  /dev/sda  /dev/sg0

                    [3:0:0:0]    cd/dvd  Optiarc  DVD RW AD-7910A  1.D1  /dev/sr0  /dev/sg1

                    [5:0:0:0]    mediumx SPECTRA  PYTHON           5500  /dev/sch0  /dev/sg6

                    [5:0:1:0]    tape    QUANTUM  SDLT600          5500  /dev/st0  /dev/sg2

                    [5:0:2:0]    tape    QUANTUM  SDLT600          5500  /dev/st1  /dev/sg3

                    [5:0:3:0]    tape    IBM      ULT3580-TD4      5500  /dev/st2  /dev/sg4

                    [5:0:4:0]    tape    IBM      ULT3580-TD4      5500  /dev/st3  /dev/sg5



                    # mtx -f /dev/sg6 status

                      Storage Changer /dev/sg6:4 Drives, 37 Slots ( 4 Import/Export )

                    Data Transfer Element 0:Empty

                    Data Transfer Element 1:Empty

                    Data Transfer Element 2:Empty

                    Data Transfer Element 3:Empty

                          Storage Element 1:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT01S3                           

                          Storage Element 2:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT02S3                           

                          Storage Element 3:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT03S3                           

                          Storage Element 4:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT04S3                           

                          Storage Element 5:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT05S3                           

                          Storage Element 6:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT06S3                           

                          Storage Element 7:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT07S3                           

                          Storage Element 8:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT08S3                           

                          Storage Element 9:Full :VolumeTag=SDLT09S3                           

                          Storage Element 10:Empty

                          Storage Element 11:Full :VolumeTag=ULT001L1                           

                          Storage Element 12:Full :VolumeTag=ULT002L2                           

                          Storage Element 13:Full :VolumeTag=ULT003L3                           

                          Storage Element 14:Full :VolumeTag=ULT004L4                           

                          Storage Element 15:Full :VolumeTag=ULT005L1                           

                          Storage Element 16:Full :VolumeTag=ULT006L2                           

                          Storage Element 17:Full :VolumeTag=ULT007L3                           

                          Storage Element 18:Full :VolumeTag=ULT008L4                           

                          Storage Element 19:Full :VolumeTag=ULT009L1                           

                          Storage Element 20:Empty

                          Storage Element 21:Full :VolumeTag=8MM001X4                           

                          Storage Element 22:Full :VolumeTag=8MM002X4                           

                          Storage Element 23:Full :VolumeTag=8MM003X4                           

                          Storage Element 24:Full :VolumeTag=8MM004X4                           

                          Storage Element 25:Empty

                          Storage Element 26:Empty

                          Storage Element 27:Empty

                          Storage Element 28:Empty

                          Storage Element 29:Empty

                          Storage Element 30:Empty

                          Storage Element 31:Full :VolumeTag=CLN001L1                           

                          Storage Element 32:Full :VolumeTag=CLN002L1                           

                          Storage Element 33:Full :VolumeTag=CLN003L1                           

                          Storage Element 34 IMPORT/EXPORT:Empty

                          Storage Element 35 IMPORT/EXPORT:Empty

                          Storage Element 36 IMPORT/EXPORT:Empty

                          Storage Element 37 IMPORT/EXPORT:Empty





                    Please feel free in letting me know if this works for you.


                    Bug fixes and suggestions always welcome.




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                      Remember that this is in no way supported or even tested and there is no guarantee that your data is intact when using such opensource VTLs. The OSB hardware guide lists all the supported virtual and physical libraries/drives.







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                        Thanks for mention above,

                           I don't mean the VTL shoud be used in production environment, it may be used in a test enviroment or education environment.