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    WebLogic certification - which exam?




      These are the exams currently listed as available for WebLogic certification:


      Oracle WebLogic Server 10g System Administration 1Z0-108

      Oracle Weblogic Server 11g System Administration I 1Z0-102

      Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Essentials 1Z0-599


      I would like to take the most recent one (12C) but does anyone know how these exams are viewed in stature?  i.e. Is System Admin more important than Essentials or the other way around?

      Also are there likely to be any new exams soon?


      Thank you.

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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle

          I don't have any information on the 12c version of Sys Admin yet, but I can tell you that the essentials exam is going to be focused more on implementation skills. I know I haven't given you very much information, but maybe enough to let you know if you should take the 12c Essentials or wait for the 12c Sys Admin. There will likely be a single exam upgrade path to the newest version when the 12c Sys Admin is released, if you wanted to go ahead and pursue 11g.  I wish I had more concrete information for you.


          Brandye Barrington

          Certification Forum Moderator