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    What is the difference between oracle.stellent.ridc.model.DataBinder and intradoc.data.DataBinder


      Hi All,

      I would like to know the difference between oracle.stellent.ridc.model.DataBinder and intradoc.data.DataBinder.

      while as i am able to use oracle.stellent.ridc.model.DataBinder for executing UCM services, there are methods in 10g that gets content based on content ID,which uses binder in following way.


      LWDataBinder localLWDataBinder = new LWDataBinder();
      localLWDataBinder.receive(new BufferedReader(new StringReader((String)localObject1)));


      When I would like to move this to 11g.

      If i use oracle.stellent.ridc.model.DataBinder (interface), i dont have "receive" method in the same. I could use intradoc.data.DataBinder, but am not sure whether it is right.

      Also when i import both DataBinder classes, it create problem with method parameter, i.e for methods that are having DataBinder (oracle.stellent.ridc.model) as its paramenter


      To give you little bit of background, we are planning to move from UCM 10g to 11g, as part of the same we are migrating the custom components developed using IdcServerBean to RIDC.


      should LWDataBinder be replaced with DataBinder ( from oracle.stellent.ridc.model) or DataBinder ( from intradoc.data.DataBinder.).

      Any pointer that could resolve my confusion will be helpful and Also could you please tell me if I am on the right path


      Thanks in advance,

      Seshan K.