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    some problems with starting OHS server


      Hello all,

        on windows server 2008 R1, i configure Oracle HTTP Server in a Standalone Domain by the help document(Configuring Oracle HTTP Server in a Standalone Domain - 12c (12.1.2))

        but after the step [4.3.2 Starting the Oracle HTTP Server Instance], i run the command and then some problems happen, like this:




      onent.cmd ohs1

      Starting System Component ohs1 ...

      Initializing WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) ...

      Welcome to WebLogic Server Administration Scripting Shell

      Type help() for help on available commands

      Reading domain from C:/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/base_


      Please enter your password :

      Connecting to Node Manager ...

      Successfully Connected to Node Manager.

      Starting server ohs1 ...

      Error Starting server ohs1: weblogic.nodemanager.NMException: Received error mes

      sage from Node Manager Server: [Server start command for OHS server 'ohs1' faile

      d due to: サーバーohs1の起動に失敗しました

      Could not find message with key: OHS-4031. Please check Node Manager log and/or

      server 'ohs1' log for detailed information.]. Please check Node Manager log for


      Successfully disconnected from Node Manager.

      Exiting WebLogic Scripting Tool.



      i could not find the reason ,please help!