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    How to completely clean previous Primavera P6 and OracleXE ,SQL server 2005 for fresh new re installation



      I am using XP SP3 and I had previous successful installation for Primavera P6 8.3 with samples in the past, until my hard drive gave a message that’s its almost full, I tried to move the database to D:\ but I was stuck and lost connection with data base, I made uninstall for Primavera from add remove programs then made "Deinstalling Oracle Database XE" and followed all steps in the article http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B25329_01/doc/install.102/b25143/toc.htm#CIHDDHJD

      to clean the registry and all traces of the old installation, and uninstalled Microsoft SQL server 2005 with all components,

      When I re installed Primavera with sample projects everything was ok until the mid of oracleXE installation  I had an error message , I run Primavera P6 8.3 setup again and chose to repair installation , this time gave me installation finished.

      When I run Primavera I am not able to connect to Database, even traces of old installation like Alias names which was previously used exists .

      When I connect to database through web home page I can log in as “system” but it has only HR in it, and users are 12 internal and 1 HR with no ADMPRM$PM.

      I don’t think that sample projects are downloaded,

      How to reconnect with database and install the Primavera sample projects. or even to clean all traces for the Primavera and data base oracleXE then make fresh re install , Thanks. Zeyad