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    How to Display Custom Text on OBIEE Login Screen

    Venkata Rachuri

      Hi Experts,


      I want to display a message on the OBIEE login screen like  " Databases are being upgraded  currewntly " what file I need to modify...




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          There are many ways to go about this requirement, like


          1. Putting up a Refresh Status Dashboard.


          2. Adding scrolling messages to the existing dashboards based on some load tables.


          3. Adding a static text message in a system file, each time during the load and restarting the OBIPS to pick this change up.


          An example could be creating a simple file in the catalog location, with the content as


          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

          <WebMessageTables xmlns:sawm="com.siebel.analytics.web/message/v1">

          <WebMessageTable protect="true" export="true" translate="false" system="ProductMessages" table="ProductNames">

          <WebMessage name="kmsgAccessibilityMode"><TEXT>Accessibility Mode <BR/><BR/>

          <B>Scheduled Server Maintenance :





          Yes, the above text would display the message below the "Accessibility Mode" text in the login page.



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            Sasi  Nagireddy

            Edit your answers report and in the Answers ------result tab--> edit analysis properties---> select No result setting combo box and select  custom message option and give your own message...

            "Databases are being upgraded  currently "

            Mark if helps.