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    ADF Table Popup Passing Values


      I have a table which has a popup containing another table.


      The popup is initiated when you mouse over the cell.


      How can i pass the value in the cell being moused over to the popup so that it can be used to query the new table.


      i have tried creating a bind variable in the new table with a value of viewScope.Patient and row.Patient but this didnt work.

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          just use setPropertyListener or setActionListener to set value in different scope.

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            On the table:

                                   <af:outputText value="#{row.SomeAttr}">
                                           <af:clientAttribute name="someAttr" value="#{row.SomeAttr}"/>
                                           <af:showPopupBehavior popupId=":::notePop" triggerType="mouseHover">



            On the popup:

                <af:popup id="notePop" launcherVar="source"
                               contentDelivery="lazyUncached" eventContext="launcher">
                       <af:noteWindow id="nw1">
                             <af:panelFormLayout id="pfl1">
                                 <af:inputText label="Attribute value: "                              value="#{viewScope.SomeAttr}">
                        <af:setPropertyListener from="#{source.attributes.someAttr}"
                                                                                   to="#{viewScope.SomeAttr}" type="popupFetch"/>