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      • 15. Re: Performance Problem Again
        Nicolas Gasparotto

        yxes2013 wrote:


        Are you & SB Twins


        Good for you to say that because you have minimal loads/taks in your company and you  are paid high too

        For me, Im so overwhelmed with lots of assignments which include not less than the ff:

        GG, DBV, TDE, Ebiz, MySql, Sqlserver, Db2, Sybase, Foxpro, RMAN, Dataguard, Database security auditing, Database Admin, etc, & etc.

        And I am only paid USD1,500/month. Is this reasonable?

        Why is that all the dba's here  seem not complaining about their tasks?

        Does it mean most of you have minimal assignments with your respective companies and are paid high?



        Fair enough. It's turning out of the scene (again) and going no where.

        Mod. action: locking the thread.



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