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    SOapUI not getting Mock Response from the asyncronous bpel

    Rajashekar Thippireddy

      Hi All,


      I created a asynchronous bpel process deployed to local SOA Server ,by using soap Ui 4.5.2 i created mock response to tested the bpel that was worked fine.

      Now again i deployed the same bpel process to Oracle VM vortual Box SOA Server,

      bpel is not returning the response to the soap client... i am getting the following error..


      Unable to access the following endpoint(s): http://soabpm-vm:9001/Process1CallbackBinding/processResponse


      but above bpel is returning response  properly to soap ui client , if i deploy it to local Soa server.


      i have properly configured the soup ui to get the mock response for asynchronous bpel by using the following link.



      Thaks in advance.....