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    SOA server issuee


      Hi All,


          i am going to start the soa server but it does't start and it gives below error please any help on this issue


      <Aug 15, 2013 10:12:56 AM GMT> <Error> <oracle.soa.bpel.system> <localhost.localdomain> <soa_server1> <Workmanager: , Version: 0, Scheduled=false, Started=false, Wait time: 0 ms

      > <<anonymous>> <BEA1-0753C053D54060994897> <11d1def534ea1be0:1d8718a5:140816a895b:-8000-0000000000002243> <1376561576589> <BEA-000000> <Error while invoking bean "cube engine": Cannot access instance.

      The action "update action" cannot be performed on the instance "210014" because of its current state ("unknown").

      The current instance state did not allow the requested action to be performed.

      Consult the product documentation for a list of all the permissible actions that can be performed on an instance when it is in the "unknown" state.