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    Adding comments to table columns  used in ApEx App. (Documentation)


      Hi Dears;


      I would like to add comments on table columns  ( and  tables )  used in my Enterprise ApEx Application (for documentation, about 200 tables),


      a)I would like to create a tabular form to edit table columns comments, but how? I think I can not implement it directly on data dictionary?


      b) execute command  for every  column or Table       =>     COMMENT ON TABLE    myTable1    IS 'This is a table for .......'   /   COMMENT ON myTable.acolumn     IS 'This columns is a for ........'


      Do have anyone any good approach ?




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          Hello Siya,


          • Run following query for tables you are interested and export table-columns into excel (you can use SQL Developer or TOAD for this)
          select * from USER_COL_COMMENTS;
          • Fill "Comments" in Excel for all table columns
          • Create another "Column" in excel - Script
          • Write formula for "Script" column to generate SQL script. It would be just concatenation of "COMMENT ON TABLE" command,  table, column and comment  data in proper order
          • Copy "Script" column alone and paste it in any notepad, and you have script ready


          Hope it helps.