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    OVM 3.2.2.  get error OVMAPI_8017E [node.1] has a misconfigured network.


      intentional reboot of servers, using OVM Mgr;

      check with 'ip addr' i find eth0 configured as MULTICASTSLAVE with correct MAC, but  bridge id 0aaca000 showing NO CARRIER, MAC 00:00:00:00:00:00

      have experienced the issues of directly changing underlying Linux configuration, but don't see how to correct this using OVM Mgr.


      this was a simple use of the Oracle RAC template 11.0.1 r1 (and 12c) .

      reboot was intentional to watch application stack restart after migration.


      don't know how eth0/bond0/0aaca000 become undefined/no carrier; unsure how to recover/correct