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    APEX not properly hyperlinking to pages not on server

    Danielle R

      Hi all,



      I have an application on a secure APEX server with an interactive report page. This report contains the name of projects on different servers, url's of those servers and other info. I've hidden the url's and have the project names act as hyperlinks. The problem I am having is that the links will not work if the project is on a different server than APEX.


      In the report column for the project name I have the Column Link properties set: Link Text as #PROJECT_NAME#, Target as URL, URL as #PROJECT_URL#.


      If the project is on say company.com/project and APEX is on secureserver.com/apex then my hyperlink takes me to secureserver.com/apex/company.com/project, which of course is not the behavior I need...



      Any suggestions?