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    Action Link Issue - Also performing "Keep Only" Function


      We have created a simple analysis, which has different business units going down the left side and a key KPI across the top. This anysis sits on an "Overview" page.



                                  KPI-A          KPI-B          KPI-C

      Business Unit - A

      Business Unit - B

      Business Unit - C



      I have added Action Links to the far left column, which includes my business units. The action link simply navigates to BI content within the same dashboard. I have added conditional formatting so that the action link menu for Business Unit - A only shows action links related to Business Unit - A (I have done the same for B & C).


      The action links initially work as they are supposed to. When I click on Business Unit - A, I see two links that take me to two more detailed anlysis for Business Unit -A. If I click either of those links, I am taken to the correct content on another sheet within the workbook.


      The issues it that when I return to the "Overview" page, I no longer see Business Unit - B and Business Unit - C. I only see Business Unit - A. It is as if my action link also performed the "Keep Only" function, which I do not want it to do. I would like it only to perform the action link and keep the sales overview page unchanged. I have looked at all of my options and do not see anything that seems to be telling it to perform this function.


      Has anyone else faced this issue? Any help would be apprecaited.