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    Not able to index docx file


      I need to search within  a  doc file . So I am using Oracle Text to search within the file.

      But, when I am trying to index a Docx file through Oracle Text , it is giving me error for only docx files.


      Oracle Version is: Oracle Database 11g version


      I have a table resume_details where resumes are stored as blob field .DDL of table is : create table resume_details(resume blob,emp_id number);


      When I am trying to index this colmn it is working fine for doc files but not working for Docx files.


      Index query

      create index i on resume_details(resume) indextype is ctxsys.context parameters ('datastore ctxsys.default_datastore filter ctxsys.inso_filter') ;


      It is giving me an error for Docx files


      DRG-11207 :user filter command exited with status 1

      DRG-11222 : Third party filter does not support this known document format.


      Any suggestion will be most welcome.




      I even tried to fetch some characters of docx file


      select utl_raw.cast_to_varchar(dbms_lob.substr(resume_details , 1000,1  )  )

      from resume_details rd

      where  rd.emp_id = 1      --emp_id 1 contains resume of docx format


      but it showing some unrecognizable characters ( looks like in chinese language). Even if I will be able to extract texts from docx files I will be able to

      search with in the files.


      Kindly suggest a way..