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    RMAN Duplicate



      OS : Linux


      I have a two node RAC database and i want to do a active clone using RMAN duplicate command on the same server. I am using the same db_name and a different db_unique name for the new clone database.In the RMAN duplicate command i need to provide the db_unique_name or database SID , Database SID using which i did nomount.

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          Hemant K Chitale

          The CONNECT command is to the SID or TNS string.


          When doing a DUPLICATE TO  ... the name of the new database must be different.  So the DB_NAME of the new database you are creating must be different from the existing one.


          Since you are doing a DUPLICATE on the same host, you must be careful to use db_file_name_convert  (if not using OMF) or SET NEWNAME to define new names for datafiles of the new database instead of overwriting the existing database !!!

          Hemant K Chitale