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    Weblogic 7 SP4 Itanium Install file please?


      Hi Community,


      Bit of an odd question but would someone out there happen to have the HPUX WL7 SP4 Supplimentary pack "wls704_hpux1123_supp.jar" that is mentioned in the support guide at  HP-UX 11i V2 on Itanium with WebLogic Server 7.0 SP4?


      I have had a SR open with oracle for the past 23 days (SR 3-7570375951 : 01, Weblogic 7 SP4 for Itanium) and currently, after being bounced around support and software delivery, they can't seem to locate it...


      As a long shot I thought I would ask here, as I know as a long time Weblogic Integrator, I have random installation packages sitting on local drive ... I'm specifically after the Itanium shared libs that support oracle OCI and native IO that come in this jar..


      Any old time weblogic guys out there that can help?.. or even if you don't have the specific jar but have a Weblogic 7 SP4 Itanium HPUX enviornment running out there somewhere where I could grab the specific shared libs?