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    when cache log table modified "nologging" , Does any problem occur?


      test environment   :
          *. readonly cache group :
      create readonly cache group cg_tb_test1
      autorefresh interval 1 seconds
      (       C1      tt_integer,
               C2      CHAR (10),
               C3      tt_integer,
               C4      CHAR (10),
               C5      CHAR (10),
               C6      CHAR (10),
               C7      CHAR (10),
               C8      CHAR (10),
               C9      tt_integer,
               C10     DATE,
        PRIMARY KEY (C1)

          *. oracle's tables
          SQL> select * from tab;
               TB_TEST1                       TABLE
               TT_06_147954_L                 TABLE
               TT_06_AGENT_STATUS             TABLE
              TT_06_AR_PARAMS                TABLE
              TT_06_CACHE_STATS              TABLE
              TT_06_DATABASES                TABLE
              TT_06_DBSPECIFIC_PARAMS        TABLE
              TT_06_DB_PARAMS                TABLE
              TT_06_DDL_L                    TABLE
              TT_06_DDL_TRACKING             TABLE
              TT_06_LOG_SPACE_STATS          TABLE
              TT_06_SYNC_OBJS                TABLE
              TT_06_USER_COUNT               TABLE

      15 rows selected.



      After generated cache group , Lots of archive logs generated.  So, I modified the log table "TT_06_147954_L" with "nologging".


      Does any problem occur?


      Thank you.