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    Filter value is protected when "Returning to main dashboard from Drill Down page"




      I have a dashboard page with 2 levels of Drill (basically a "Navigation to BI Content")

      1. Main Dashboard has Bulb as an indicator, by clicking onto it user is Navigated to Drill Page 1

      2. Drill Page 1 showcases data for Month vs/ Product Sales, in first instance this page shows all months upto current month, and by clicking onto "Month" User is Navigated to Drill Page 2

      3. Drill Page 2 is detailed report for selected month; it shows weekly Product Sale. The data is shown only for the month which is selected in "Drill Page 1"

      4. The problem comes when I return to "Drill page 1" via a return link, when user navigates to Drill page 1 from Drill page 2, Month v/s Product Sales graph shows only 1 value which was selected by user while drilling down to detailed level.


      Is this a normal behaviour in OBIEE? If no, how do I make this filter value to release when user comes back to main page?