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    Bar Chart Help


      I am having two issues with bar charts (bars


      1) Y-Axis

           - My Y axis is made up of four scenarios (Actual, LY, Target, Stretch), but I cannot figure out how to show these scenarios on the axis (I am left with a generic "scenario"). They show up in the legend, but I would rather delete the legend and only show the titles as labels along the axis.


      2) Data labels are cut off.

           - I have set the scale of my X-axis to be dynamic as my targets can very significanly from period to period. I then have my data labels to the right of the bars. What I have found is that bar that reaches furthest to the right often times will have the data lable cut off even though it appears taht there is additional room off to the right of the chart.


      Any help on either of these topics would be greatly appreciated.