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    Dynamic tabs not firing disclosure event



      I am using a af:panelSpringboard with showDetailItems dynamically created using af:iterator bound to collection model.


      Lets consider each element in the collection model is referred by variable "row". I see that tabs getting created properly with text from iterator element (say, #{"row.name"}).


      I have added sub-component (tree) under showDetailItem. I notice that only the first tab (first to get disclosed) is getting disclosed properly with tree getting rendered.


      I have disclosureListener on the showDetailItem which I expect to get fired upon disclosure of each tab in the tabs list.


      But subsequent click on any other tab (showDetailItem) does not seem to fire disclosure Event nor the child components of the tab (tree) is getting rendered properly.


      Is this due to component id conflict on showDetailItem?


      Thanks in advance.