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    Need to export OBIEE report in native excel format

    Sudarshana Thakurta

      Dear All,

      Apologies if this issue has been discussed earlier in this forum. I am posting this afresh since I could not find a proper thread pertaining to this problem.


      Here is a snapshot of my issue:-

      While exporting a report in excel this exports this in mhtml format instead of native excel. As a result, the generated files are way bigger than expected and every day we are receiving multiple complaints from the end users. We tried to fix this by changing the messages files as mentioned in few blogs but could not make this work. Our current reporting system is on


      In some of the online blogs I read that this issue is supposed to be resolved in Can any one please confirm if this is indeed the case? Also, if any one can advise of any other resolutions it would be really helpful.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Hi Sudarshana,


          we have a similar issue on our environment as well. Based on a conversation with the oracle rep, it was confirmed that the resolution to this issues was provided in version.


          We are just requesting our users to use CSV in case of download to keep the file size smaller but this is not an ideal solution and makes our business users very unhappy. But no solution yet on our side..

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            Sudarshana Thakurta


            Thanks for your response.

            The way we are working at the moment is :-

            1. Ask users to download in .csv if they just need raw data

            2. While storing/sending the .xls files we have asked them to save the file as a excel workbook


            However no workaround could be achieved for the reports sent as excels by agents(clogging spaced in user's mailboxes) or actual download volume of the formatted excel reports (excel taking an awfully long time to open the files).

            As you mentioned, I heard that this issue was fixed on Since this version is released for more than a quarter now, I wondered if someone out there can confirm that this has happened really.