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    Login AMX page issue with web service call


      Hi All


      i have created a login AMX page(username and password) and while the user click on the LOGIN button i have execute a webservice given below

          public boolean isValidUser(@WebParam(name = "arg0")

              String username, @WebParam(name = "arg1")

              String password){

              boolean checkflag=false;




                  System.out.println("condition true.......Kris");


                  System.out.println("condition false.......Kris");




              return checkflag;


      if the condition is true it is returning true else false. and i am getting the results.

      Next i have used a ROUTER in taskflow to select the condition here i am facing the issue always i am getting the failed page.


      In expression of router i have given the condition #{data.mobile_LoginPagePageDef.isValidUser==true} and directing to new AMX page. if false directing to failed page. running this app when ever i press login button it is goin to failed page only . what will be the problem


      How can i use bean class with this?

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle



          actually when you approach the router, the information in the binding container for _LoginPagePageDef is no longer available.  Strings like #{data.mobile_LoginPagePageDef. ...} are recipes for disaster. Instead you should authenticate the user and hold the authentication state in a managed bean that you configure in pageFlowScope. The router then looks up the authentication state in the managed bean.



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            Dear Frank


            Thanks for the reply . i am new to ADF Mobile, i am mobile app developer (Android). so i dont know much about the  ADF stuff's. How i can hold the authentication state in beans. ? i am bit confused on these things.


            If you have any simple stuff on above top please share it . it will be very help full.


            Thanks in advance