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    Facing connection issue with SQL Developer 4.0 EA




      I downloaded SQL Dev 4.0 EA 5 days back, 64 bit version, 64 bit JDK version as recommended. I have Win 7 64 bit, Core i5, 4GB RAM, 50GB free space as of now.

      I extracted it and it launched successfully.

      I tried making few connections, both residing on my local and few remote ones, worked well.

      But since last 2 days, I am noticing that its either taking too much time to open any connection (local or remote)  OR is not opening it at all, so I was forced to switch back to earlier version.

      I tried re-extracting SQL Dev 4.0 and running it fresh too, but same issue persists.


      Any help regarding why this is happening and resolution will be highly appreciated.