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    How to get server output in SQL Developer


      I am learning SQL Deverloper and am using it in a University environment as well as Oracle test instances at Oracle.


      I know my way around SQL some but I am just learning PL/SQL.  I want to run an anonymous block and see output for the "dbms_output.put_line" items.


      At school, I enter my block in the "SQL Worksheet" and receive the "anonymous block completed" in the "Script Output" screen.  Then there is a 3rd screen, the name of which I cannot remember, but I believe it is the equivalent of "server output".  When I open it I have to tell it which database I'm using.  Then, I see the dbms output lines in this 3rd section.


      The problem is when I am using SQL Developer at work, I see only 2 sections:  "SQL Worksheet" and "Script Output".


      I have looked but cannot find an option or a button or a window that is called something like "server output" or "view server output."


      Can a more experienced user please help me?


      I am using:


      SQL Developer Version 3.1.07

              Build MAIN-07.42

      Linux x86-64


      (Oracle Internal:

      Instance: http://celalnx38.us.oracle.com:10507/

      tnsnames: 10500)