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    Simple way to check the status of EPM web services


      Hi All,


      I require a shell script that would check the status of all EPM web services (HSS, APS and EAS for now)..




      I notice that the content of the below URL provides a way to check the status of Workspace:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


      <Initialization state="READY" attemptCount="1"/>


      <Message>Workspace is running normally.</Message>







      Note that server1 is running HSS, APS and EAS.


      The below URL is not very informative though..


           Status: Active


      -> Anyone knows of other ways/ URLS that can provide a summary of the managed servers status? I plan to use a shell script to parse the respose of these URLs to determine the health of the services.. I guess there is a way to use WLST to check the status of the managed servers as these services are monitored via the WebLogic Administration Console web app.