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    Self-Contained Application does not run, when started from network drive (JavaFX Launcher Error: unable to load jar manifest)




      we package our application using launch4j.


      For testing purposes I also tested the recommended way as described here:

      Deploying JavaFX Applications: Self-Contained Application Packaging | JavaFX 2 Tutorials and Documentation


      (using nativeBundles="all" in the fx:deploy task)

      In both cases the result is an exe file which uses a local JRE (runtime/jre).


      It works fine if I double click the exe file from my local file system.


      But when I double click the file using a network path it doesn't and an error occurs:


      "JavaFX Launcher Error: unable to load jar manifest".


      This is easily reproducible if you type "\\yourPC\folder" in your Windows Explorer and then double click the exe file.


      Do you have any idea, how to solve this?