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    Setup Manager - changes to the Transform don't save.


      My customer is working on a transformation spreadsheet for RESPONSIBILITIES.
      They download the FNDResponsibility.zip file and extract the RESPS_FND_RESPONSIBILITY_1_1.xls file inside are the columns “Group App Short Name”and “Request Group Name”  which are empty
      Then make an update on FND_RESPONSIBILITY to the two following columns with the following values:

      • Group App Short Name = “PO”
      • Request Group Name = “Purchasing Activities”

      Save the xls file and put it back into the zip file

      Upload back the new zip file by clicking on the “Upload Template” icon

      When upload is completed they can verify that the data consolidation has been successful

      They then freeze the transform

      They create a load job named gedv_Resp_iPRoc_Ld that loads back into environment GEDV the frozen transform above; the job has two tasks
      • srcTr: add the above transforms to the project
      • trgLd: load the above transform into GEDV

      The load job is executed successfully with no errors

      When looking into GEDV the changes made are not applied and Group App Short Name”and “Request Group Name” remain empty.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?

      Many thanks.