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    Oracle Mobile Server with SQLLite/Berkeley Db and dbsql


      Hi all,


      i am not sure if i am correct here but hopefully i am.

      In the past we have had Oracle Mobile Server with Oracle Lite.

      We decided to switch to new mobile Server because oracle webtogo is not longer supported and incompatible with windows 7. My administrator did migration of mobile server but migration utility reported that the available applications are incompatible.

      So I decided to create a completely New Publication with a Java application. The new Publication contains only one publication Item. For the first tests I simply wanted to spool out the data contained in my local database.

      In bin directory of sqlite folder i can find a utility named "dbsql". I understood it in this way that I can attach to an existing database file and take a look into that database.

      If i call dbsql.exe BerkeleyTest all seems to be ok. But if i try to select some data from that file i only get the errormessage that databse is in wrong format or encrypted. What am i doing wrong there?


      Am I right that the sql interface (I need that interface because I dont want to rewrite dataaccesslayer of my app) is only available in sqlite but not on "BerkeleyDb"?


      Is anyone here to help me a little bit with my problem here?




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          I do not know much about Oracle Mobile Server with Oracle Lite, does it use SQLite or BDB?  I do know that databases created by SQLite cannot be read by Berkeley DB SQL (of which dbsql.exe is part of), and databases created by Berkeley DB SQL cannot be read by SQLite.  Also, databases created by Berkeley DB outside of the SQL API cannot be read by the BDB SQL API.  You can open BDB SQL databases with BDB outside of the SQL API, but I would not recommend that outside of a few BDB utilities described in the documentation.  So if your BerkeleyTest database was created by SQLite or BDB outside of the SQL API, then it makes sense that dbsql.exe is returning an error when trying to read it.


          Calling dbsql.exe BerkeleyTest does not open the database, that happens when the first operation is performed on it, which is why you did not get an error until you tried to select something.


          Lauren Foutz