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    usbcopy not find usb memory stick


      I am running Solaris x86 11.1 on a desktop computer.

      As su, I am trying to run: usbcopy  sol-11_1-live-x86.usb

      After some seconds, I get:

      Found the following USB devices:

      Enter the number of your choice:


      I have a 4 GB USB memory stick inserted into one of the USB slots.

      But the system appears to not find it.  Now what?

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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle

          Not all USB memory sticks follow HID specs and are compatible with all operating systems.

          What are the outputs of "rmformat -l" and "cfgadm -alv" ? And what is the memory stick model ?

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            rmformat -l

            shows just my DVD drive


            cfgadm -alv

            shows (for USB) my keyboard, mouse, and power to my usb  ethernet to wireless converter. 

            The memory stick does NOT show up.


            It is a SanDisk Cruzer 4GB memory stick.  I have zeroed the first part of the stick to

            remove all previous partitions.  If I plug that memory stick in and then boot Solaris,

            Solaris hangs after I enter my userid and password.  Once I unplug the memory

            stick, Solaris continues the boot process OK.

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              Asmentioned Solaris is having an issue with the stick.  I'm not sure what you mean by "zeroed out the first part of the stick" but I would either use fdisk or boot to Windows and remove all partitions and then just create one FAT32 partition and then format it also as FAT32.  Then usbcopy should be able to find it and do it's thing.  I've used Cruzer sticks so they shouldn't be a problem unless it's an older firmware with Solaris 11.1.