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    Forms leaves java.exe hanging when closing Forms


      I'm running Forms 11g, IE9, Java 7 update 21

      I am having trouble with java.exe processes remain hanging after closing Forms.  If I have an an IE Browser window open with two tabs and then open two Forms sessions, which creates two java.exe processes.  I then close both Forms sessions, and it leaves one java.exe hanging.  If I then close the two IE Browser windows, it removes the java.exe process.  I can replicate this consistently.   It is working correctly as long as I do not have any other IE Browser windows open at the time that I open Forms. 

      I opend an SR with Oracle Forms, but since it works fine if I don't have IE open before opening Forms, they won't help indicating it is a Java issue.  Tried to open an SR with Java, but they won't help because we don't pay support for Java.