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    Accessing Registry.dat through a Reverse Proxy

    Don Berryman

      We are attempting to put Oracle Forms 11.1.2 behind an Apache Reverse Proxy.  We are able to specify correctly the forms jar files, but it appears the URL to the Registry.dat file is hard coded somewhere in the Oracle Forms applet.  In the Java Console I can see it is always referenced as:




      We run multiple back end servers, so I need to add a directory to the URL.




      Or what would be more flexible is if the URL was specified Relatively, not absolutely.  This should work, since  setting my CODEBASE to simply java allows the /forms/java jar files to be correctly loaded:




      How can I change the URL to Registry.dat?


      I have tried using the RegistryPath parameter but that has no effect.


      If I cannot change this URL I will have to move the Registry.dat to my reverse proxy.  This will work, but I'd prefer to pull the correct file off the actual Oracle Forms server.