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    completely empty all items in a form




      I have a non-database block and in a key-entqry trigger I placed clear_block('dummy'); but it does not "clear" the items, I got the error key-enqtry trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-06502, and that trigger contains only: clear_block('dummy'); , nothing else.

      My form, initially starts in enter query mode (this is specified in when-new-form-instance trigger).

      When i press the enter query key, I want that all items to be empty, and the form's state to be the one I initially run the form (so nothing completed in any items, and in enter query mode).

      Then, in keq-exeqry I have some business logic, to populate some items based on some select statements, and so on; but in key-entqry, how can i clear all the block, so that it does not contain any data?