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    when i install P6_R82_Client_Applications, it can not create database file


      when i install primaver client application, it install oracle XE but when should create the data bases installation failed, why?????????

      ERROR: " Oracle XE P6 Professional database Creation failed. Please see the log file at C:\Document and Settings\Administrator for details."


      LOG Files:

      <08.21.2013 07:20:14> [INFO] [2013-08-21 07:20:14] Calling Perform Action

      <08.21.2013 07:44:26> [INFO] [2013-08-21 07:44:26] Calling Perform Action

      <08.21.2013 08:04:27> [INFO] [2013-08-21 08:04:27] Calling Perform Action

      <08.21.2013 10:25:43> [INFO] [2013-08-21 10:25:43] Calling Perform Action


      after installation failed i can run and connect to oracle database with user: "system" and password: "**********", but when i want to setup database by "dbsetup" batch file and enter the inforamation required to


      connection information one error appear with this issue : "SQLException: Locale not recognized"



      please help me, thank you


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