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    How to Split/Bend a tabular into 3 parts in a Form?

    Phil in Sydney

      Hi Form Experts,


      My questions is how to split a tabular into 3 parts on the canvas.

      Say I have a table like following.


      create table a (

      id number,

      name varchar2(10)



      insert into a values(1,'a');

      insert into a values(2,'b');

      insert into a values(3,'c');

      insert into a values(4,'d');

      insert into a values(5,'e');

      insert into a values(6,'f');

      insert into a values(7,'g');

      insert into a values(8,'h');

      insert into a values(9,'i');


      In a Form, I would like to show 'table a' in a tabular, but it was cut into 3 parts.

      It is like a 3x3 array.

      The first 3 records are displayed on the first column, the middle 3 records are in the 2nd column,the last 3 records are in the last column.


      1,a     4,d     7,g

      2,b     5,e     8,h

      3,c     6,f     9,i


      When I do the execute_query to this Text Item, I can use Key-up and Key-down to scroll the records.


      The reason why I want to make it, just because if the records cannot fit in one screen, I can bend it to the right side.


      Can you guys give me any hints or solutions?


      Appreciate in advance.