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    Jar a package or Jar the modules inside a package for applets


      I am converting class files for applet into a jar. The folder is e.g car, with individual modules placed into folders like tyres, windows etc inside it. There are also dependencies between some modules.


      e.g. car/ tyres

              / windows

              / utils

              / applet

      The classes are accessed from the applet inside HTML page. We have a main page for car.html which can accessed all modules, and individual webpage, tyres.html, windows.html.


      I don't have a problem with jarring car into car.jar but when I tried to jar tyres.jar, windows.jar into separate jars, the applet would not load. The classes package is something like car.tyres.xxx so I am not sure if I could jar the individual modules this way. The directories still retain, car is still a folder but the individual modules inside it are now jars instead of folders.


      I would like to ask, is it better to jar car as car.jar or the modules inside it as individual jars?


      And do I need to jar car.jar after I jar the individual jars? I read that I need to list the dependencies inside the manifest but as the codes existed for sometime, it is a lot of work to do it manually. I am currently using intellj as IDE.