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    Display all Acct_No's in a subject line of a Form_letter Report.


      Hi Everyone,

           I have a problem in the reports.

      I have created a report which involves a 'Form_Letter' & 'Tabular' Styles.

      In the Subject line of the form_letter_text there is a field selected from database-table-column that is as below:

      Sub: Issue of Interest certification against ACCT No.:&<ACCT_NO>.

      The above &<ACCT_NO> populates the 'Acct No', when enter the Customer_ID in the report parameter:

      This works fine if a customer has only one Acct_No.

      The problem arises when a customer has more than one Acct_No.

      If a Customer has more than 1 account number; say 3 Accounts;

      then in the Subject line, 3 Acct_No's should be displayed.

      But I'm getting different letter for different 'Acct_No' in 3 different pages.

      I want it to display only 1 page instead of 3pages.

      All the Acct_Nos of that particular Customer_ID must be displayed in the Subject_Line when i run the report.

      Can anybody help me with this?


      Thank You.