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    Popup LOV icon

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      Hi All, we recently upgraded to 4.2.1 from 3.2 and the popup lov icon has changed.

      Our user community don't like the new icon and want the old restored.


      I edited the popup list of values templates to set the popup icon to &V6_THEME_FILE./list_gray.gif instead of #IMAGE_PREFIX#list_gray.gif where V6_THEME_FILE is an application item that points to a directory where icons are stored.


      This works fine for all popup lovs that are generated in the standard way by Apex.


      However when we use apex_item.popup_lov to generate one it doesn't render the icon at all.


      Looking at the source of the page it shows <img width="13" align="middle" height="13" style="vertical-align:middle;" alt="Popup Lov" src="&amp;V6_THEME_FILE./list_gray.gif">


      It looks like it hasn't done the substitution ok. Any ideas on how I can get this to work?