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    Apex installation ( 4.2.2 on 12c )

    Orna Weisman



      I followed Jason Straub instructions on how to remove the 4.2.0 default installation on my CDB and install the latest 4.2.2 install.




      I chose port 8085 for my PDB  ( by running the apxconf.sql on my PDB as instructed ), but I get error 401 ( Unauhtorized ) when trying to access it :




      I _think_  I unlocked all the necessary accounts both on the CDB and the PDB

      I did not setup the ACL - but this should only berelevant for web services and sending email and such , right ? its not mandatory ?


      the port is correct , verified by connecting to the PDB container :






      and this is from lsnrctl status :


      Listening Endpoints Summary...





      I get this error :

      A username and password are being requested by http://edwbur01:8085. The site says: "XDB"

      requires a user/password - but I don't know of what


      Please advise



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          You should never be prompted for username and password when the EPG is properly configured for an Application Express installation. When you get that prompt, usually it indicates 1 of 3 things:


          1. EPG was not configured properly
          2. ANONYMOUS is not unlocked
          3. Images have not been loaded properly


          Since you followed my blog post, I assume you ran apex_epg_config_con.sql (and not apex_epg_config.sql) connected to CDB$ROOT. To rule out 1 and 3, view the logs apex_epg_config_con*.log and look for any errors reported. If the issue is with ANONYMOUS, make sure the PDB is open that you configured APEX in, and do the following:


          sqlplus / as sysdba

          show con_name -- should show CDB$ROOT

          alter user ANONYMOUS account unlock;





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            Orna Weisman

            You are totally right


            In my first apptemp I did NOT run the apex_epg_config_con.sql.

            I wanted to use the embedded PL SQL gateways  , and I thought the EPG is optional.

            After all - I never ran it on my 11g installation,


            Is it mandatory to run it in this case ?

            when I ran it - all worked fine

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              Yes, it is mandatory in this case, and that is because you ran apxremov_con.sql prior to installation 4.2.2 into the CDB. apxremov_con.sql (which calls apxremov.sql) will also remove the /apex "DAD" from EPG. Since /apex is no longer known to EPG after running apxremov_con.sql, you need to run apex_epg_config_con.sql to restore it.





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                Orna Weisman

                got you.


                Maybe you should make a small correction in your blog.

                you state in step 7 :


                • If you want to configure EPG as your web listener, do the following additional steps:

                I think you should note that this is NOT optional , but mandatory in that specific case when you remove the container installation


                thank you very much

                I appreciate your time