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    Non-Global zones and Live Upgrade


      Good afternoon,

      Trying to find an answer for a question that I have.


      Currently we have (2) T5140 servers.  One of them is our production Sun Messaging Server and the other is the backup.  The zones are SAN-attached disks(currently running on the Production server) and each server is "aware" of them.  They are only mounted on one server at a time.  My question is,  I can do a LiveUpgrade on the backup server (from Solaris10u10 to Solaris10u11) and then detach/export the NGZ from the production system and use "update on attach" to upgrade the NGZ to Solaris10u11.  If I don't upgrade the Production Box(Global) to u11 and have to move my NGZ back to it, will "update on attach" rollback the NGZs back to u10?


      We have a test system that we will be working through to test using LiveUpgrade without detaching the zones.  But wanted to see the feasibility of doing this the way I have it mention in the above paragraph.


      Thanks in advance for your help!!