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    Missing Attributes in Groups


      Hi all,


      I'm not sure if this is a Monday morning/lack of coffee issue this morning so I feel a bit silly asking this but I can't figure this out so far.


      I'm importing attributes metadata and groups from Integrator using the usual LoadConfiguration Integrator graph using the configuration web service.  The metadata loads fine and for the most part the groups do as well.


      However, when I check the Attribute Group Manager in Studio, I see that most of groups are missing the majority of my attributes even though they were defined in my file upon loading.


      I've reloaded the attribute cache, re-logged in and they're still missing from those groups.


      Now, I have the same attribute in multiple groups, but as far as I can remember, that was never an issue...


      Help please (while I go grab another coffee)!



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          Branchbird - Pat

          Maybe the "key" and the "display name" of your groups got switched either in the fmt (metadata) file or one of your spreadsheets?


          That's all I can think of off the top of my head that might manifest itself that way.



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            Hey Pat,


            Everything seems fine with the mapping.  The odd thing is that some attributes get added to the groups fine while others go missing.

            Do you know which log file would possibly tell me something? I've checked the data domain's .out and .reqlog but they don't tell me anything has gone wrong and since the graph ran successfully, nothing is displayed in the Integrator logs.



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              Just by chance, I ran a test but this time sorted the spreadsheet by Group and it looks like everything is now showing up.

              I didn't think it was mandatory to have this sorted first as I've never had to before but it looks like that's the way to go...


              Odd but at least it now works

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                Branchbird - Pat

                That's awfully weird but glad it's working.


                If you check the reqlog for the two requests (the XML cuts off after some number of characters, maybe 8000 or so) and check the differences, it might be interesting to see how the message is being sent in the two cases.


                This feels like a bug to me though I'd wait for someone on the Product side to chime in as to if it's a Web Service issue.