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    ATA Drivers


      ATA Drivers were removed from one of our productions systems.. system is not booting. The following command were performed:


      rem_drv ata


      Is there any way how can i copy the drive back to the OS ?


      It will be greatly apprecited

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          Dave Miner-Oracle

          The driver is still there, but it's no longer registered.  You should boot from an alternate boot environment, use beadm mount to mount the broken BE, and then use add_drv -b to re-add the driver(s) that were unregistered.  The boot into the fixed BE will probably require the -r option to initiate a device reconfiguration.

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            Than-you for your response..


            booted it from alternate BE,

            used beadm to mount the broke BE to the created  /a directory

            used add_drv -b to re-add the drive.. drive ata was successfuly re-installed

            boot it to the fixed BE .. is booting over and over and over...

            I am probably doing something wrong .. any ideas?

            I appreciate your help

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              Can you provide the boot error message?


              Dave mentioned that you would probably need to do a boot -r to do a reconfiguration boot. Did you try that?


              Thanks, Cindy