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    Discoverer Reports Migration to OBIEE

      Hi All

      I have migrated Discoverer to OBIEE. Now i want to migrate my discoverer reports also to my OBIEE. Kindly suggest how can i do this?

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          I do not believe Oracle provides a tool to convert workbooks to OBIEE reports - but there are third party solutions (e.g. http://www.eistech.com/products/discoConvUtility.html).

          Re: Discoverer to OBIEE Migration Tool

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            Michael Armstrong-Smith
            Hi Krishna
            Converting a Discoverer workbook to OBIEE is very difficult to do because, believe it or not, there are certain reporting capabilities that Discoverer has which OBIEE does not.

            One of the big stumbling blocks has been the conversion of reports that use analytic functions which Discoverer handles in its sleep and the capability to use lists of values that are based on items not in the current folder or even in the same business area. Another area of difficulty are reports that use hyper drilling.

            The way that Eis handles this is to convert all of the folders into views and then extract the Discoverer metadata out of an EEX export reading the metadata line by line converting along the way leaving out anything that is not supported. You cannot use Eis to convert workbooks into Eis reports and then expect those to link to OBIEE areas created by using Oracle's conversion tool because the two are incompatible. If you choose to use Eis you will have to use their EUL conversion tool as well.

            Anyone else have any insights? Has anyone successfully converted Discoverer workbooks to OBIEE answers?

            Hope this helps
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              Both Srini and Michael have provided some good information. I'd like to just add something. EiS will convert your discoverer reports to OBIEE through our conversion tool. As Michael said, it isn't an easy task but it can be done. We have a number of customers that have converted discoverer reports to the EiS eXpress solution as well as to OBIEE.


              I'd be happy to put you in touch with the right folks at EiS to discuss how it might work for you. Please let me know if we can be of assistance!

              Sue Maloney

              EiS Solutions Director