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    Error Message while performing FND Attachments Conversions in R12




      I m getting below error while performing FND Attachments Conversions.


      ORA-22285: non-existent directory or file for FILEEXISTS operation


      Below piece of code is giving above error, any suggestions.


                                           -- Oracle creates BFILE_DIR directory by default in the database


                                          fils := BFILENAME ('BFILE_DIR', l_var_tab(I).file_name_lob);


                                          l_fileisopen := DBMS_LOB.fileisopen (fils);

                                          l_fileexists := DBMS_LOB.fileexists (fils);

                                          DBMS_LOB.filegetname (fils,l_dirname,l_location);


                                          -- Obtain the size of the BLOB file

                                          DBMS_LOB.fileopen (fils, DBMS_LOB.file_readonly);

                                          blob_length := DBMS_LOB.getlength (fils);

                                          DBMS_LOB.fileclose (fils);