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    Parse An Address String - Round 2




      I am looking for a document or resource that will explain to me how to properly use REGEXP in a matter that I can understand.

      I have looked at the Oracle documentation but other sources but what i really need is something that shows me step by step and what each of the special characters are doing.


      For example


      1234 DARK END ST

      867 DARK ST


      regexp_substr ('1234 dark end st','[[:digit:]]+') as nbr1,
      regexp_substr ('867 DARK ST','[[:digit:]]+') as nbr2
      from dual

      which gives the desired result of  1234 and 867 respectively.

      My issues is I do not know how to apply the other special characters that would allow me to manipulate the rest of the string.


      I am looking for suggested reading or a website to learn from.